Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy and Data Protection Scope

Smart Energy Lab – Association, from now on referred as SEL, and its team are commited in protecting the privacy of its users data when submitted for contact and recruitment purposes or by consent with visit tracking made by a third party platform in SEL’s official website. This page has the objective to clarify how that personal data will be processed by SEL.

Types of Personal Data Collected

User data collected through SEL’s website refers to data collected by contact forms or visit tracking systems. Examples of data collected can be as follows:

  • Name, email, geolocation and all information typically present in a curriculum vitae such as academic experience, professional experience, address, age and current employment position (when using the contact and recruitment forms).
  • IP address and network location, type of browser, operating system, time of visit, pages visited, time spent in each page, links through which users reached the website and screen resolution (when consenting with allowing to access information from the device).

Purposes for the Use of Personal Data

The referred user data will only be used for purposes of recruitment of new SEL employees, to reach out to users who might contact SEL for business or clarification purposes, and to monitor visitor traffic and worldwide affluence to SEL’s website.

Sharing and Disclosure of Personal Data

The data gathered through all SEL’s open communication channels will not be shared with any third parties and SEL guarantees its total and strict confidentiality. The data will not be used in any kind of automated processes. As previously referred, SEL will only use this data internally for recruitment, contact or visit monitoring purposes.

Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a pack of data that a website stores in a computer and then it’s sent back to the browser when a user visits that website again, without changing or altering any information. The purpose of a computer cookie is mainly to store information of your previous visit and activity in order to keep your preferences and definitions whenever you visit the website again and also improve the overall user experience.

SEL’s Cookie Policy

Cookies used by SEL’s website are anonymous and do not store any information that might allow for any personal identification.

Data Storage

All received data will be stored until all actions and processes regarding the use of this data reach their conclusion. This data will be deleted one year after the conclusion of its use, but this period might be extended if there’s any legal activity or claim involving any of the information present in said set of data.

User Rights

The user has the following rights in regards to all data submitted or captured through SEL’s website:

  • The right to have its data deleted by request
  • The right to oppose the treatment and use of his data
  • The right to correct or add new information to the original set of data submitted
  • The right to be informed whenever there’s a breach of data that might represent a risk to his rights
  • The right to know all entities responsible for treatment and protection of his data
  • The right to press complaints with any authorities responsible for data protection

Consent of Data Processing

Before submitting any kind of data, all users will be asked to give their consent in order to send said data. No data can be submitted in SEL’s website without the express consent of all users.

Data Protection Contact

Consent of Data Processing

In case the user needs to submit a complaint regarding the processing and usage of its personal data for any breach of data protection legal regulations it can be performed by reaching out to the Portuguese Data Protection Committee (CNPD) through their website or via email.