Living Lab

The Living Energy Lab consists of living-buildings, such as residential, educational, or services, to better understand how people use energy and their preferences in real-life.

Living Buildings

Equipped with room controls and sensors, connected to a cloud-based digital platform, Living Buildings collect a range of building types, energy sources, load profiles and occupancy.
Living Buildings

Living Energy helps your business

  • Validate services, product performance and features with real users.

  • Don’t waste time building your own lab. Utilize ours to quickly identify behavior and performance barriers to user adoption.

  • Guarantee it’s not a “one-off” through interacting with a diverse pool of users, your solution can be made to work in more than one place and in different contexts.

  • Discover new value propositions inspired by unmet needs.

join The Community of Participants

Accelerate energy transition through your collaboration!

  • Participate by sharing your consumption habits to help us better understand how people use energy in their homes!
  • Manage and optimize your home’s energy consumption and identify opportunities to save money!

Join our studies and find the advantages!

  • Be among the first to test and shape new technologies and innovative products, giving us your feedback about their performance, and benefiting from energy savings!
  • Earn credits that can be exchanged for gift cards, products and services by participating in our studies.
We helps businesses develop products and services with real users
Citizen Scientists

Become one of our Citizen Scientists

Be a part of our knowledge community!

  • Gain insights about technology and users’ experience, through formulating research questions, conducting scientific experiments, collecting, analysing data and interpreting results;
  • Act as change agent through raising awareness and change the behaviours of the community.

Become the voice of the community of users

  • Reach-out to participants, ensuring that all types of people are included, such as vulnerable people
  • Help users getting the most of the living lab experience and answer their questions;

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